3D touch probe analog

Spindle Precision

With the patented 3D stylus for all NC machines, machining centres and eroding machines, you can establish the zero point quickly and exactly, thus reducing set-up and idle times while increasing precision. Use the 3D Stylus to effortlessly and precisely touch reference edges on workpieces and fixtures, to quickly set up zero points of NC programs or to measure clamped workpieces.

  • Precision functioning
  • Compact Design
  • Robust housing
  • Shockproof and splashproof
  • Clear analogue differential travel display

3-D touch probe analog

It`s so easy !

- Accurancy:
- Dial Ø:
- Graduation of scale:
- Clamping shank Ø h5:
- Total length (with standard
  stylus, without clamping shank):
0,01 mm (0.004")
50 mm (2")
0,01 mm (0.004")
20 mm (0.8")
123 mm (4.84")

3d Stylus allows non-directional approaching of the zero point without sign problems and with constant exact path information !

Radial approach: black scale

Radial approach Radial approach
1. The stylus touches the
workpiece, the difference
value spindle axis/work-
piece edge can be read
(example: -0.44 mm).
2. Zero position has been
reached, spindle axis=
workpiece edge: The NC-
control can be set to "Zero".

Axial approach: red scale

Axial approach Axial approach
1. The stylus touches the
workpiece surface. The
difference value can be
read (example: 0.08 mm).
2. Zero position has been
reached. The effective total
length of 3D-Taster has been preset;
the NC-control can be
set to "Zero".

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